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If a naked god appeared in your bed, what would you do?

Gods and Goblins, oh my!

Available in ebook from Purple Sword Publishing

Every spell Kalli casts lately backfires. Going to bed disgusted, she awakes to find a gorgeous, naked man in her bed. The witch discovers that her naked burglar is a god named Lugh. Kalliope yearns to be touched by him, but before that can happen, another prowler comes into her life. Cromm, a death god, arrives to collect on a promise made before she was born.

While trying to escape Cromm, she finds herself spirited away to a realm of gods and goblins. There, Lugh’s ex-lover captures Kalli, keeping her prisoner in an oak tree. While captive, Kalliope meets a goddess who gives her three magickal apples. From the first bite, her world changes forever.


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May 30-June 1st.

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